Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prices and Ordering Information

Here are some prices on the most popular items we have:

Apron (Child or Adult)
$15 plus the cost of the apron

Apron Front Knot Dress

Badge Reel
**includes one initial**
Bath Towel 
$20 - for one design
$5 extra for a design plus a name
$30 - Hooded Towel with one design
**bath towel is included in price**

Baby Bibs (Knit Ruffled)
$18 each 
**price includes name and/or design**
**extra charge for Premium designs**

Baby Bibs (Quilted or Pieced)
$18 with embroidered name or monogram
$21 with applique and name

Baby Bibs (Terry Cloth)
$15 each
**price includes name and/or design**
**extra charge for Premium designs**

Baby Gown
$20 for a name or 1-3 letter monogram
$35 for an appliqued name (up to 5 letters), an extra $2.50 per letter after that
**Available in white, light pink, or baby blue** 

Boutique Baby Gown

Baby Lovie (Personalized)
$40 for a non-ruffled baby lovie
$50 for a ruffled baby lovie
Requested sizes can be anywhere from 15"x15" up to 20"x20"

Baseball Hat
Prices start at $18

Beach Bag (Mesh)

**includes one monogram or design**

Burp Cloths 
$12 - embroidered/appliqued burp cloth (with no ribbon trim or fabric band at the bottom)
$13 - embroidered/appliqued burp cloth with ribbon trim
$15 - embroidered/appliqued burp cloth with fabric band at the bottom

$18 - embroidered/appliqued burp cloth with ruffled fabric band at the bottom 
**Price includes name and one design**

Camera Strap Cover
$25 - Quilted Camera Strap Cover
$30 - Ruffled Camera Strap Cover
$5 - Small Embellishment Pins (flower, football, star, flower, etc) each

Cosmetic Bag
$18 - One initial only
$20 - Full Monogram

Dance Bag
Prices vary between $30-$40, depending on the design and detail requested

 Embroidered/Applique Jeans
$20 (plus the cost of jeans) for 1 applique/design
$25 (plus the cost of jeans) for 2 applique/designs on the same leg
An extra $20 if 2 designs are requested in two different places.

Embroidered/Applique Shirt
Prices start at $18 (plus the cost of the shirt) for 1 applique/design
Prices start at $23 (plus the cost of the shirt) for 2 applique/design
**Prices may vary depending on complexity of the design**

Glamorous Bag

Golf Towel
**includes towel and embroidered design**

Hand Towels (Bath or Kitchen)
**includes towel and embroidered design**

Key Fobs
$8 : up to 3 initials (2.5")
$10: First Name, on one side (5")
$12 - Two Sided Design (5")

Luggage/Bag Tag


Neoprene Computer Cases

Prices start at $25

Neoprene Sunglasses Case

Owl Zipper Bags
Prices start at $18 for the smallest size 

Peasant Tunic Top
$35 - short sleeved
$40 - long sleeved

Quilted Monogram Key Fob with Pocket

Ruffle Pants
$35 - Single Ruffle
$40 - Double Ruffle

Small Zipper Pouch
$8 - Citrus Zipper Pouch (Lemon, Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Orange)
$10 - Pleated Zipper Pouch

Spa Wrap

$25 - Spa Wrap with NO embroidered design
$35 - Spa Wrap WITH embroidered design

Stethoscope Covers

Wash Cloth
**includes wash cloth and one small embroidered design**
Ordering Info:
To place an order or if you have questions, please email us at
Most orders will be completed within 7-10 business days. If you need something sooner than that, we can try to accommodate you -- please just let us know that when you place your order!

If a design must be purchased from a third party to complete your order as requested, you will be asked to pay one-half the cost of the new design.

At this time, we will only embroider/applique on items that we provide.

For those that live in the area, items will be available for pick up or delivery.
If you are outside of the area, we will use the USPS or the UPS Store for all packaging and shipping needs.
All shipments will include insurance and delivery confirmation.
Actual costs will be passed along to you.

We accept payment in the form of cash or Paypal.

We will send an invoice with all charges listed. Payment will be due before orders are shipped.
We will ship orders once we receive payment (typically within one day of receiving payment).

If order is being delivered locally, payment will be due upon receipt.

We reserve the right to require a deposit on large orders.

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