Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Item - Let's Have a Snowball Fight!

Whew - long time no post, right?! While things have been VERY quiet on the blog for a few months, we've still been busy making some cute (and new!!) items and living life :) 

In addition to our fun Lovebug Stitches items, we've been having fun pursuing a couple of other little side ventures - Jamberry Nails and Young Living Essential Oils

This half of the Lovebug Stitches team (Beth) FINALLY uploaded some pictures (76 of them Lovebug items!) and will be posting these in the coming weeks :) 

Now, without further adieu, a SUPER fun new item that was just debuted at my youngest's "Rainbow Unicorn" birthday party this past weekend...

"Let's Have a Snowball Fight" snowballs in a darling bag!

Matching bag to carry the snowballs in

These precious snowballs can be made with any color noses you choose - these just happened to be a rainbow theme to match the party :) 

You would not believe the hours of fun these will provide...for both kids AND adults.  Seriously, so much fun!

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