Friday, April 29, 2016

Great Ideas for Wedding, Graduation, End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts, etc!

Needing a personalized gift idea? 

Check out a few of these options! 

Email us soon to get your items ordered!

Spa Wrap
Canvas Bag with Matching Sunglasses Case
Quilted Zipper Bag
Canvas Bag with Matching Sunglasses Case, Beach Towel, and Key Fob

Zippered Jewelry Bag
Quilted Zipper Bags (2 different sizes)
Zippered Owl Case

Bag Tag and Quilted Key Fob
5" Key Fob
2.5" Key Fob
Card Key Fob
Small Zippered Bag

Make-Up Bags
Sunglasses Case
Bags with Matching Key Fobs
Canvas Bag with matching Zippered Bag, Sunglasses Case, and Water Bottle Holder

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